Born in Moscow, I spent all my childhood between this ancient city and my country house. I saw spring in the forest, noticed how herbs grow in summer and birds gather to fly away in autumn.
After I went to art school and visited huge number of international art and craft expos in Russia and all over Europe with my mom. Looking for my own style and interest I went into wool felting, making sculpture and sewing. I looked for best materials to reflect natural forms and textures. For long time I was making realistic flowers and natural creatures from clay. I've created my own sculpting technic - "Rowan Craft" and in 2012 wrote a book about it.
After it I fell in love with metalclay and jewelry art. 20 august 2015 my personal expo in Saint Petersburg was opened. "Shades of nature" expo is opened till 20 august 2015 in Glass museum of Elagin isle.
Now I go further, work and teach at my Rowan Craft studio and my favorite Russian Glass Academy with friends and extraordinary artists.